London Excursion!

Yesterday we all enjoyed a busy day in London in the sun. Students started the day with a museum visit and had the choice of visiting the Victoria and Albert Art Museum, Natural History Museum or Science Museum. We then walked through Hyde Park for a picnic, before having some shopping time at the famous Oxford Street. In the afternoon, students were given a walking tour around Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Trafalgar Square. After all having dinner at a restaurant on the Strand together, we walked down by the River Thames to see the London Eye and Big Ben before getting the bus back to Princess Helena. A day to remember for all!

During the two weeks, students have three excursions to local English towns and cities. This intake, we have visited Ely, Cambridge and London.

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Drawing in the gardens and woods!

Princess Helena is situated  in the middle of the English countryside. Pictured below are some photos from our nature walks and afternoon drawing sessions here at CAE. Students have morning  and afternoon activities to allow them to practice their English in social situations and learn skill based vocabulary with their friends.

Pictured: Grigory and Martins stop to do some drawing in the woods, Letizia and Katerina draw in the garden.

Morning Run!

Morning activities allow the teenage brain time to wake up so they can make the most of their English lessons throughout the day. Students have a choice of activities which change daily such as reading, yoga, ping pong, gym and walking.

Pictured: Lukas, Oliwia, Anna and Katerina enjoy a morning run in the sun.