PHC students prepare for their trip to Cambridge

The students at PHC will be going to Cambridge tomorrow for a day of sightseeing and punting. What is punting? It’s a special kind of boating that you can do on the river in Cambridge. Most of the students didn’t know what punting was, so they learnt about it in class and then practised doing a punting tour with their classmates.

Two "punts" with their tour guides
Two “punts” with their tour guides


Going past Cambridge market
Going past Cambridge market




Ready for tomorrow's trip in a real punt
Ready for tomorrow’s trip in a real punt

Teacher Tasks

As we write this message the students are taking part in team games within an English Learning context, the students have been cartwheeling and running around whilst learning a lot of English! Best of both worlds!

Hear What Our Students Have To Say!

Staff here at CAE Princess Helena are keen to find out how our students are enjoying their time with us and have been asking them about the activities they have been doing and the friends they have made.

Lea Zorc, from the Principality of Liechtenstein, Germany, said that ‘I have made lots of friends, including Georgina, Liliana, Ines, and many more. I have been taking part in computer, cinema and drama activities and classes.’

Look out for more updates on what students have been getting up to in the next few days!

English classes today at PHC

The third English lesson every morning is a class about British culture or preparation for the excursions. Here are some of the things the students were doing today:

Four classes had a traditional English tea party, with tea (with milk of course), scones, jam and clotted cream.



Some other classes went to the gym to learn sports vocabulary.



And finally, here are some students hard at work doing speaking activities in their classroom.



“My CAE story” a message from Nikola


“When my dad told me I would go to England to a language school, I was both excited and afraid:  I was excited because I had never been to England before and that was my opportunity, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t fit in. But I was wrong –  all of the people who came there were amazing and I became friends with many of them. We learned things together and did many activities together. Every day we had something else to do and it was never boring. Teachers were great and cooperative at all times. I learned a lot but I also had fun learning. I tried some new sports I had never heard of before. And my experience was so good, that I decided to return following year as well. Both years were amazing and I improved my English a lot, but I also made many new friends from all over the world. Those were the best two summers of my life.”

Nikola, from Serbia – PHC 2, 2013 & PHC 1, 2014

English (language) Tea Parties

CAE teacher Tom said that there were some stimulating discussions going on, ranging from Siberian wildlife to future career choices.
CAE teacher Tom said that there were some stimulating discussions going on, ranging from Siberian wildlife to future career choices.

Thursday and Friday’s English lessons offered a new opportunity for our students. They enjoyed a traditional cream tea whilst practicing their speaking with classmates. They were given different topics to talk about while their teachers served them tea and helped them practice new vocabulary!

CAE student Victor admitted ‘It would be perfect if we could do this every day!’

teaparty 2

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Well done everyone! Good job!

English party teaparty 2

Our teacher Tom serves tea to his students
Our teacher Tom serves tea to his students

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