Blog Post Winners – Lena and Rachel, and Jane (Zhenya) and Vika!

One of our Electives from the first week here at PHC was “Making a Blog” – students got the opportunity to create a blog and write their own blog posts. We decided to have a competition for the 2 best blog posts, which would both go onto the official CAE at PHC website! So here you are – the best blog posts from the Blog Elective (well done girls!)

Tips for a perfect stay in Princess Helena College

– by Lena and Rachel 

Welcome to PHC, we hope that you will have an amazing stay here, and you will have it, because it is a huge college with a big garden, a swimming pool, so you will have a lot of fun!

  • Things that you must not forget:

– Some sport wear: There are lots of sports activities, you’ll love them!

– A swim suit: There is a big and beautiful swimming pool, so you should bring your own swim suit.
– Some snacks: The meals are fine but it is always better to have some snacks so you never go hungry.
– Pocket money: You have some free time, so you can go shopping to spend your hard earned cash.
– Lots of socks: You can put your clothes in the laundry but maybe the socks will be lost forever…
– Some chill clothes: it’s really cool to have something comfortable to wear, make yourself look the part!
  • How to be with the other students:
– You should be social if you want to meet new friends and you should be nice if you want to keep them.
– Go and talk to some new people, you can ask them anything that takes your fancy… their joys in life.
– Keep that smile!
– Don’t be mad if someone doesn’t understand what you say, just repeat it slowly and then start shouting… (a recommendation from my English teacher!)

  • Worried things:
–  You could be exhausted at the end of a day because we do a lot of different activities, but don’t worry, you will sleep well at the PHC’s beds!
– We know that when you will arrive at PHC, you will think that it’s too big, but you won’t get lost.. there’s always someone of the staff who can help you!
– Don’t worry if you don’t find any friends at the first day because you will meet them on the second or the third day.
We hope that our tips will help you to have an exceptional stay in PHC!

Excursions – by Jane (Zhenya) and Vika




Image result for hitchin

On Tuesday we were in Hitchin at first time. When we arrived to the city we went to fair to by something what we want. All of as bought a lot of sweets for a very good value. So, we had 45 minutes. Then we had to by some clothes for our fashion show. But we had only 10 pounds. It was very difficult but we did it. After that we had free time when we were walking with our friends, eating and taking some photos. In the end of our advantage we came back to our camp.

Image result for hitchin


Image result for Cambridge

Cambridge is situated about 50 mile north-by-east of London. On Friday we went to Cambridge. We spent amazing day in this town. At first our teachers shared out us into 8 groups and then we went to the excursion.For this day we had a 1 task: all children shoud take one photo of the best thing and one photo of the worst thing about this town. Then we had a lot of free time to buy some souvenirs, and walked with our friends. Finally, we had punting. It was really fantastic.   

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