House Bonding Evening Challenge Night!

After an action-packed first full day of English lessons and activities including sports and art, our new students were sorted into their house teams, Orange, Pink and Blue Juniors and Seniors. The houses are a great way of integrating students from different nationalities and allowing them to mix together.

Some friendly rivalry and competition kicked off with the first evening activity, some team challenges run by members of the social activities teams. These included hockey and basketball mini games with Abbie, face painting with David, a ‘guess the song’ music quiz with Colleen, boot camp drills with Billy and fun team challenges with Nathan. The houses all enjoyed cheering their members on and doing their best to score points for their team.

Team face painting
Team face painting
House spirit!
House spirit!



At the end of the evening all of the houses gathered back in the hall where the overall winning house was announced; Blue Juniors!

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