Student Electives Presentation!

At CAE, students have a varied course of English lessons over the two weeks. As well as English language in the morning, students are given excursion classes to prepare and learn from the trips on offer from Princess Helena.  Students also have the choice from eight elective classes, allowing them to develop skill based English. This week students chose from Poetry, Film Making, Advertising, Debate, Photography, Photo Story, Painting and Drama. Every student creates a portfolio showcasing their English work over the two weeks here. However, this afternoon we held a final presentation for all students and teachers so students could showcase their elective creations!



House competition night!

For their two weeks at PHC, students are divided into six different houses for evening activities so they have a chance to mix with students from outside their classes and usual social groups. Last night we hosted the ultimate house competition with one member from each house competing in one activity. These included the After Eight challenge, fluffy bunnies, longest handstand and dizzy waiter to name a few! Tommorow the winning house from the whole two weeks will be announced at our final presentation.

Pictured: Caterina, Chiara and Alex in the After Eight challenge, Natasza wins the longest handstand challenge and Silvia, Augustine and Malin compete in fluffy bunnies.